Yubico bolsters security with updated YubiKey 5 series devices

Yubico is getting ready to launch refreshed versions of its YubiKey 5, Security Key, and Security Key Enterprise Edition series authentication hardware that aim to help organizations move away from password-based protections. On Monday, the company announced the new security keys with updated 5.7 firmware will be available in late May, providing enhanced security features like expanded passkey storage and the ability to enforce setting more complex PINs.

Existing YubiKey hardware cannot be updated with the new 5.7 firmware for security reasons, so users will need to purchase new keys (which currently start from $25 for the Security Key NFC) to benefit from the upgraded protections. These include enterprise attestation, current FIDO2 standard protocols like the ability to set a minimum PIN length, and storage to accommodate up to 100 passkeys, 24 PIV certificates, 64 OATH seeds, and 2 OTP seeds.

“Organizations are continuing to face a surge in the variety and complexity of cyber threats at historical rates, often fueled by compromised employee login credentials, frequently resulting from attacks such as phishing,” said Jeff Wallace, senior vice president of product at Yubico. “These updates empower enterprises with the latest authentication advancements and tools to build specific strategies for creating phishing-resistant users and mitigating phishing threats for employees, external identities, and customers.”

The new security hardware loaded with the new firmware are launching alongside updates for the Yubico Authenticator 7, which includes a more streamlined user interface, French and Japanese language support, and can be used to manage the upcoming YubiKey 5.7 features. The new Authenticator 7 app is available now on desktop and Android, with an update for iOS users coming later on an unspecified date.

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