Wife goes viral for list of tasks that she won’t do for her husband

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There are certain tasks that are common for partners to do for each other, whether that be doing the dishes or throwing a stained shirt into their load of laundry.

In a recent TikTok posted by Paige Turner, the wife detailed her list of tasks that she doesn’t do for her husband. “A few weeks ago I said that I don’t do my husband’s laundry,” her video began, mentioning that many viewers had viewed doing you partner’s laundry as a “small act of kindness.”

“Small acts of kindness that are mostly domestic labor just add up to work,” Turner began.

She then listed off tasks or chores that she has never done for her husband. Turner first explained that she and her husband split up laundry by each doing their own loads, while doing their children’s laundry together.

Turner also never makes dinner because she cooks breakfast and lunch for the two of them and their children. “I don’t pack him a lunch,” she added. “If he’s hungry, he’ll figure out what he’s gonna eat for lunch the same way that I do.”

She also admitted that she doesn’t book any appointments for her husband either. “I don’t make his doctor’s appointments because, guess what? He’s not making mine,” she said. “Would it be kind of me to do that? For sure. Is it my job? Absolutely not. I want him to be healthy, but he’s a grown-a** man, and he can book his own appointments.”

The TikToker did explain that there are exceptions to these rules, and she will occasionally make dinner if her husband has had a long day. However, she doesn’t necessarily view it as an act of kindness. For her, it would be seeing something in a store that her husband might like and buying it because she is “his partner” and “his equal,” which means “not having to cater to him and serve him at all times.”

Turner’s video went on to receive more than five million views, as many people left comments about how much they agreed with her argument.

“The fact that people are shocked by this SENDS ME. I cannot fathom making his appts or lunches. Laundry we trade off on who does it and it’s pretty even,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Q: Is this something he would have to do for himself if he were living alone? A: Yes. Then he can do it now… he married me, he didn’t hire me.”

Some commenters even opened up about their own experiences, in which they had to perform domestic tasks for their husbands or partners.

“Folded his laundry when dating, he unfolded and showed me how to do it his way, looked at him and said I think you got it. Haven’t done it since. 15 years ago,” one person recalled in the comments.

“When my MIL was in the hospital… my FIL was literally LOST. He didn’t even even know what his medication was that he needed to take because she put it out for him every day,” another comment read.

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