When You See J.D. Vance Think Marjorie Taylor Greene

Perhaps this isn’t quite the endorsement she thinks it is.

Republican Representative and infamous conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene said JD Vance believes the same things she does.

When she’s not heckling the President of the United States during his State of the Union address, Greene does things like in May of this year, threatening Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) with a motion to vacate unless she got what she wanted, which was a Trump/Putin wish list: defund Jack Smith and Ukraine. She filed an amendment to try to force President Biden to withdraw from NATO. Or, as Greene calls it, “America First” (i.e., America last, Putin first).

The Georgia Republican has said out loud that she sees the job of House Republicans as defending convicted felon Donald Trump. She’s so PRO a certain kind of convict, in fact, that she introduced articles of impeachment against a U.S. Attorney for prosecuting January 6th terrorists. Sadly, this love for convicts doesn’t spread to others; its contained only on those who tried to violently overthrow an election Trump lost.

And those are just a few of her vanilla anti-democracy beliefs. She also regularly throws out unfounded conspiracies, like demanding full investigations into whether or not the Francis Scott Key Bridge was an accident, which some may see as a welcome relief from her obsession with sharing Hunter Biden’s revenge p0rn photos during official House business that’s being beamed to households the country wide, but given that she also wants to cut government spending (but not cut tax cuts to the rich!), the House doesn’t have a lot of resources to work with. So maybe chasing down conspiracies for Marge isn’t the best use of them.

Greene tried to pull a “gotcha” on Director Wray, accusing him of censoring her social media posts as a part of the Department of Homeland Security (they have been censored by big tech, which loves Republicans, because she is so unhinged), only to be told by Wray in a public hearing that he is not in Homeland Security. Research and knowledge are not Greene fortes. So, you can count on very new Ohio Senator and fake hillbilly JD Vance to do a bang up job in government if he’s like MTG.

She’s a person who is very concerned about Bill Gates wanting people to eat fake meat grown in a “peach tree dish,” in case you’re wondering how bright she’s suggesting JD Vance is. Although, to be fair, I’m pretty sure Vance is smarter than Greene; he’s an venture capitalist fake Appalachian opportunist, whereas Greene is a true believer. But he is willing to walk in Greene’s path even knowing better, and that’s not a great endorsement.

Marge on Facebook is everything you’d expect from a Q-Anon believer who came to being a “lawmaker” (and I use that term loosely). “After a decade marked by troubles at work and at home, adultery, palpable discontentedness and a consuming zeal for intense exercise and faddish nutrition, her roving craving for an audience found its ultimate outlet in right-wing online commentary and finally real-world, face-to-face provocation,” Politico Magazine reported in 2021.

Greene wrote things like:

“Have you guys been following 4chan? Q?” she said in a Facebook Live less than a month in. “Q is a patriot,” she said. “It’s not just someone poking in the dark,” she said. “I really, truly pray this is true,” she said. “This really may be happening,” she said. “The level of importance is good versus evil,” she said. “More and more people are starting to talk,” she said. “I spend a lot of time looking up this information,” she said.

Asked about her Jewish Space Laser conspiracy, and why in general people who support Trump seem really taken with conspiracies, she told a reporter to “f*ck off.” Southern charm is alive and well.

Greene called Trump “President Come,” and yes I know.

The list of Greene’s bonkers beliefs are too numerous to detail here, but they’re so bad she said Fox News banned her from the spin room in 2023.

MTG has explained her conspiracy beliefs as other people’s responsibility, because why didn’t they TELL HER. If that’s not a golden endorsement of trustworthy beliefs, what is.

Ms. Greene is no doubt trying to comfort herself, as she thought she would be the V.P. The rest of us knew Trump would never pick her for a variety of reasons that, because they’re Trump’s thinking, range from misogynistic to outright mean. But according to her, he did pick her, basically. Because JD Vance shares her beliefs.

Indeed, JD Vance has pledged he would overturn an election and illegally seize power, which is probably one of the biggest draws for Donald Trump in a running mate after the ex-president suggested his then VP Mike Pence should be hung for refusing to do such an illegal act.

When you think of JD Vance, see MTG. It’s what she wants. Independent voters will no doubt be persuaded, but perhaps not in the direction the Republican thinks.

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