Once I moved to New York 20 years in the past…

…I labored two jobs, however they didn’t pay a lot, so I used to be pinching pennies. To chop prices, I’d purchase noodles and the most cost effective tomato sauce on the bodega. I ate that for dinner virtually each night time for 2 years. These days? I can barely have a look at a plate of spaghetti. I’ve formally maxed out.

Later, once I was pregnant, I had a night routine: stretch out on the couch, queue up a 30 Rock rerun, and eat a handful of Dealer Joe’s Darkish Chocolate Almonds. I craved them! However lately, they simply remind me of feeling achy and sleepy and having (very) swollen toes.

Our affiliate editor Jannelle has a love/hate relationship with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “My mother used to pack them in my lunch alllll the time in elementary college. They had been at all times on tremendous wheat-y bread as a result of she was attempting to be wholesome, but it surely was so dry. I bear in mind choking and chugging water. They tasted like sandpaper, and I used to be like, ‘Mother, why???’” These days, Jannelle needs to be very a lot within the temper to eat one. “I have to make it with mushy, white bread,” she says. “And have an enormous glass of milk.”

On that be aware, this video made me snigger:

What about you? What meals have you ever maxed out on?

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(Photograph by Juan Moyano/Stocksy.)