Video: DeliverIT optimises its cloud environment with AC3 to improve customer and employee experience

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DeliverIT provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform for takeaway and delivery restaurants around Australia, but strong demand, especially during the crucial weekend period, puts teams under pressure. By working with AC3 to optimise its AWS public cloud environment, the company was able to improve the experience for both its own customers and theirs, and take pressure off its own staff.

According to Daniel Canil, Software Development Manager, DeliverIT, “We would get an influx of customers coming online to order food, typically around the peak times of 5pm and 6:30 pm.”

But as the system wasn’t designed to scale, it struggled to handle the load. “Customers who were trying to order basically couldn’t order. This had a major impact on our business … not only our clients were feeling the pain, our customers were feeling the pain.”

Canil engaged with AC3 to tackle the problem.

“They provided us with AWS hosted management, they were aware of our problem and they they came to us and proposed a solution called Auto Scaling, which allows our our services to scale up when we get an influx of traffic or an influx of people coming to order.”

Fixing the problem provided some major benefits to the business, he says. “There was a there was a financial benefit from being able to receive the orders. That was one of the big benefits. But also, there was a positive impact on staff morale. When we experienced these issues on the Friday night, it certainly had a major impact on the staff. There was definitely  tension.”

Canil says there is often a misconception when you are on the cloud that it does automatically scale up and down. He says it is important to recognise that here is a level of complexity that you need to overcome to enable the auto scaling.

“That’s where the relationship with ACS came about. We utilised their skill set to implement this solution.”

This article was produced by the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit, our paid content agency, on behalf of DeliverIT and AWS. 

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