Trevor Noah Drops Trump Mashup Of Secret Recordings By Judas Pals

The Four Percent

Take Trump’s impeachment trial. Perceptions of the president sailing through the GOP-led Senate trial have been upended by a bombshell recording by Trump’s indicted campaign contributor Lev Parnas — and tattling by former national security adviser John Bolton. Parnas recorded Trump talking about former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, chillingly ordering “take her out.” Then Bolton reportedly wrote in the manuscript of his forthcoming book that Trump told him he was holding up military aid to Ukraine until the nation announced investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden. 

As for Parnas, noted Noah, Trump has an “insane number of people who are secretly recording him … lawyers, aides, henchmen. Basically, everyone Trump trusts with his secrets is wearing a wire,” he quipped.

That’s why “The Daily Show” is offering America a Trump mashup of secret recordings. It features tidbits from Parnas, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (“Get me a Coke, please”), ex-aide Omarosa Manigualt and Trump himself in his memorable “Access Hollywood” reveal about his moves with women.

The spoof bonus? A second tape of Trump sniffing.

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