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This summer we will laugh with ‘Derailed‘, a comedy by Fer Garcia-Ruiz with a cast full of great comedians, from Ernesto Sevilla until Ana Milan. The release date is next July 23. Catch up on: The best movies of 2021.

This summer we need loud laughs, and that is precisely what it promises’Derailed‘, the new Spanish comedy directed by Fer Garcia-Ruiz and that it already has its first official trailer. The film, which hits Spanish theaters on July 23, mixes wild action and abundant jokes with a cast of comedians led by Julian Lopez (‘Losing the north’), Ernesto Sevilla (‘I leave it whenever I want’), Arturo Valls (‘Those in the tunnel’), Dafne Fernandez (‘Perfect strangers’) and with the collaboration of the actress, and star of confinement in social networks, Ana Milan (‘ByAnaMilán’).

We have already been able to take a look at the first trailer, and it looks like this fun:

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The official synopsis it reads like this:

“Year 2000. Pepo, Roge, Costa and Juan Luis, four twenty-somethings, set out on the dream trip: the interrail. But on their first stop in Paris, the adventure, and incidentally their friendship, ended abruptly.

Twenty years later Juan Luis has passed away and, as a last will, he has decided to donate his juicy inheritance to his three old friends. But in return he asks them to do the Interrail that they could not do with fun conditions … they have to take their friend’s ashes with them so that he can “live” the experience with them. Out of “love” for Juan Luis, these three 40-year-old adolescents will have to resolve their differences, visit the same cities and experience the same revelries, but in a much more pathetic way. And with cholesterol through the roof … ”

The comedy is produced by Mono Pictures Y Sony Pictures International Productions, In collaboration with Kilima Media and with the participation of Amazon Prime Video. The cinematographic distribution will be in charge of Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia and after passing through movie theaters, it will be available in Spain at Amazon Prime Video.

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