Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen STILL Getting Roasted After Netflix Special – By THIS Former Teammate!

The jokes keep coming! Tom Brady‘s Netflix roast may have come and gone, but not everyone has received the memo to stop cracking jokes about him and his family!

On Monday’s episode of the Up and Adams Show, his former New England Patriots teammate Drew Bledsoe — who was one of several people to take the stage at the special — continued to poke fun at the famous exes! Recalling the first time he met the model, he shared:

“A number of years ago, we were skiing in Montana and I happened to bump into Tom up on the slopes. Obviously, we were skiing in different places because he can’t ski for s**t.”

LOLz! Starting off easy…

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The athlete then teased:

“I could tell which one he was because he was just wearing this terrible Under Armour outfit. There’s somebody with him who’s obviously female, so I know that’s Gisele, but I’ve never met her.”

Drew also recalled a funny moment when he raced down the mountain to douse the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player with snow — only to hit his then-wife Gisele Bündchen! He dished:

“’I came in hot, and I was gonna come in and spray Tom. And of course, as I come in to spray Tom, I miss and just covered Gisele in snow. Tom looks at me like it’s go time, like ‘you don’t mess with my wife’ — or at least back then you didn’t.”

OOF! Burn!!

While there may have been some hard feelings with Brady at the time, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel was totally fine about the mixup! Bledsoe added:

“She leans over and gives me this great big hug. We see them at dinner and Gisele tells me, ‘You know, I normally don’t give big hugs to people I just meet but you don’t understand how you’re talked about in our house.’ It was an incredibly cool and genuine compliment.”

So sweet!

As sports fans know, Drew played for the Patriots before getting injured in 2001. Tom filled in for him but ended up essentially stealing the position — because once Bledsoe was healed, Brady remained in the starting lineup! Despite that, they’re on good terms, and Drew eventually continued his career after that, first with the Buffalo Bills, and later with the Dallas Cowboys.

Besides, Drew insisted “there’s always great mutual respect” between him and Tom. But will there continue to be that respect if Drew doesn’t stop running his mouth??  We know Tom’s already having his regrets about the roast because of the way it “affected” his ex-wife and their children. He doesn’t need people still roasting him over a week later! Just saying!

Ch-ch-check out the mini roast session and walk down memory lane (below):

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