Tish & Noah Cyrus Didn’t Date Dominic Purcell *At The Same Time* – But There WAS A Violation!

The Cyrus family feud has gotten so much messier than we expected…

Obviously there’s the divorce, which caused a big rift in the fam. But then came rumors Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus have been feuding. And now this week came the CRAZY story of the beef between Noah and Tish Cyrus.

Whispers of tension between the mother and daughter began when Noah and her brother Braison didn’t attend Tish’s wedding to hunky Aussie actor Dominic Purcell. Sources insisted there was “no family drama” at the time. But a bombshell report dropped earlier this week suggesting the matriarch stole Dominic from Noah! WHA?!

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Sources claimed the 24-year-old singer had been “[seeing] Dominic when Tish started pursuing him.” Yikes! For so many reasons! First off, Dominic is 54. Second, mom and daughter dating the same guy? What is this, Jerry Springer??

We’ve seen some back and forth with sources about the veracity of the story. One insider claimed the Ponyo alum completely fabricated the relationship with Dominic to make herself look like the “victim” amid her feud with Tish. Meanwhile, another insisted the pair really were dating before her mom stole him — for “about 8 to 9 months” no less! Then, a source for ET split the difference, saying the dating claims aren’t false but have been “exaggerated.”

So what’s really going on? What part has been “exaggerated” in this drama? Well, we’re getting some answers to that question!

Another insider (or maybe the same one, coming back to elaborate) spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Friday about the famous fam’s situation. They explained the timeline a bit better, specifying Noah and Dominic had been dating before he started a relationship with Tish. BUT the 56-year-old podcast host reportedly “did not steal” him from the July artist as the pair broke up first. Only after that did Tish pursue the Prison Break alum! Hmm.

We’re guessing the “exaggeration” was the “stealing” part then? Even if that’s not true, you can understand why Noah would be livid. Dating exes is a clear violation of girl code.

You need explicit consent from your bestie before going after their former boyfriends. Or, consent from your daughter as the case may be… And Tish did NOT have it. The source says the podcast host didn’t even tell her daughter she was going after him, clarifying:

“Noah stopped seeing Dominic and Tish decided to pursue him and did not tell Noah.”

But it sounds like Tish’s beef isn’t just with Noah! The ET source explained that once Tish went after Dominic, she blocked both Noah and Braison on social media. To hide the crime? Because Braison would have snitched? They also corroborate the claims Tish was the one who took the feud a step further and refused to invite them to her nuptials:

“Tish was the one who did not invite Noah and Braison to her wedding, and blocked them on Instagram after she pursued Dominic… it was Tish who requested security at her wedding to keep Noah and Braison out.”

Oh, man! This is so complicated and messy…

Where do the other siblings factor into this feud? Well, Miley’s close relationship with Tish reportedly is a big part of why Noah is on the outs. As for the Dominic drama? The insider claimed the Flowers artist had “no idea” about Noah and Dominic’s romance — hence taking mom’s side?

And here’s an interesting addition. The source went on to mention her role as maid of honor at the wedding between Tish and Dom was not meant to be a slight to Billy Ray, adding:

“Miley and Billy Ray are totally fine.”

Umm… What?! Considering Miley snubbed her dad during her Grammys acceptance speech last month, we would think things are not “totally fine” between them. Apparently, things aren’t fine between most of the family members right now!

Thoughts on the latest, Perezcious readers? Do you think Tish and Noah will make up? Let us know in the comments below.

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