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These are the 5 best Disney movies + Comedy! | Instagram

This time we will let you know a total of 5 movies, which are said to be the best within the Disney + platform, ideal for this Sunday off, so keep reading so you know what they are.

There is no doubt that the parallel race of the different streaming platforms to control entertainment has a new battle every week in the form of premieres.

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However, in the case of Disney Plus, the hit of Star’s launch is an accolade to its proposal, something that we undoubtedly take advantage of to extract some of the best comedies from its arsenal.

Thus, with more than 100 million subscribers and the weight placed on the originals marked by its first year of history, Disney Plus expands its Catalogue with the Star channel, an extra of content so immense that it will grow as the months go by and that adheres to the acquisition of 21 st Century Fox.

Disney Plus now plays in another league and we will mention a list of the best comedies beyond the well-known productions of the company.


Deadpool and Deadpool 2

Deadpool is the most groundbreaking of the entire fictional universe of the last decade, only on the level and from another terrain totally different from The Boys.

The two films are a delight for fans, however, also a hooligan laugh for those who want to try another type of heroes.



With the second part just released on Amazon Prime Video, the resource of comparing the tape with this one from 2006 plays to imagine another stage of the United States from the point of view of this famous reporter from Kazakhstan.



The permanent leap from adolescence to nowhere has in Juno a bitter, natural, harsh and subtle comedy as life itself, the story of a 16-year-old girl as witty as she is sarcastic who gets pregnant and makes a decision that is part of a social debate.

Meanwhile, an Oscar for the original script and one of the most acclaimed productions of the year.


Crazy night

Steve Carell, Tina Fey and that song a thousand times seen of the romantic story that goes well and badly so many times that you end up delighted to follow both in a commercial film that just works.

It is one of those movies that you will not remember your whole life, but that you will not mind repeating tomorrow.


Ruby sparks

One of the most original comedies I have ever seen, without more. I can only be subjective to the story of this boy prodigy capable of playing with fiction to the point of controlling it and creating an à la carte couple at will.

The moral consequences are the ones that break the film, making the comedy an intelligent and charming drama.

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