The View’s Sara Haines Politely Shades Meghan McCain!

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard the sizzle of this beef! And we’re not sure if we’ve ever heard it from Sara Haines!

The View‘s resident nice gal and people pleaser, who always tries to bring everyone together, got a little uncharacteristically shady on Wednesday. Though again, she was trying her darnedest to be nice about it! Speaking on the Behind The Table podcast, producer Brian Teta and comedian Matt Rogers, a guest on the show this week and self-proclaimed superfan, brought up the dynamics with different panels — specifically noting how well everything was flowing with Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Rogers said that as a fan it was much smoother than with… certain unnamed previous conservative voices:

“I really like that the conversations can be had, and without anyone — and I’m not going to name any names — without getting super defensive or personal. So that when you’re watching it, you don’t feel in a state of anxiety or discomfort.”

It wasn’t hard to figure out which person he was referring to. Ana Navarro, also a Republican, has only grown her presence on the show as she agrees with the table on ideas of fundamental human decency if not always on politics. No, he was obviously referring to the other recent conservative on the panel, Meghan McCain.

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Meghan had the potential to be one of the greats with her pluck and humor. But unfortunately she must have skipped all the debate classes in high school because she could not handle anyone disagreeing without getting immediately personally offended. Heck, half the time someone would be agreeing with her and she would feel attacked. Often it felt almost like she had some pre-scripted point she came to make instead of being prepared for the actual give-and-take of a conversation, instead of listening and trying to find common ground. It made for some pretty awkward Hot Topics. Rogers said it bothered him as a longtime viewer:

“I had to take a step back from watching it because I just got anxious at the thought of the conversations that were going to be had. And I think that’s not good. Even if you disagree, I need to hear [your point] to disagree with it, and then think about what I think. It got to a point where I was like, ‘Are we having conversations here or are we needing to manage each other, looking for buttons to push?’”

Haines listened politely then added simply that actually being part of those conversations “was as uncomfortable as you received it” as an audience member.

See, we told you she was nice, that’s all she’d say! LOLz! Teta tried to further distance the reference from Meghan, saying that could be about several past hosts through the years. It’s not true, not as specific a feeling as he’s talking about — but that just proves how much everyone is still walking on eggshells when it comes to Meghan. They don’t even want to say anything now, and she’s been off the show two years!

What do YOU think of Meghan’s time on the show vs now? Do you miss the drama? Or are you happy to watch with less anxiety??

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