‘The Crown’ Faces Backlash For Portrayal Of Princess Diana

The Crown, a Nexflix series often criticized for being too sympathetic towards the actions of the British royal family, faced renewed backlash for its portrayal of the death of Princess Diana, with the show going so far as to insert the ghosts of Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, soothing and reconciling with their surviving family members. What do you think?

“She’s lucky a commoner like her even made it into the series.”

Terrence Paine, Forensic Barber

“I still can’t get over The Crown casting a non-princess to play Princess Diana.”

Annalise Wolfe, Salmon Smoker

“It was wildly inaccurate. No one screamed and ran away from the ghosts.”

Tristan Shields, Salon Manager

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