The 1/6 Committee To Name The Congressional Republicans Who Sought Presidential Pardons

by Msnbctv news staff

The 1/6 Committee will title the names of Republicans in Congress who sought presidential pardons on the finish of the listening to.


Vice Chair Liz Cheney mentioned:

I need to thank every of our witnesses earlier than us immediately to your function in addressing and rebutting the false allegations of fraud on the root of January 6. Thanks for standing up for the structure and the rule of legislation. Not all public officers behaved within the honorable manner our witnesses did. 

On the shut of immediately’s listening to, we are going to see video testimony by three members of Donald Trump’s white home employees. They may establish sure the members of congress who contacted the white home after January 6 to hunt presidential pardons for his or her conduct.

The second that so many Individuals have been ready for is coming. The 1/6 Committee goes to call a number of the names of the individuals who requested presidential pardons, which means that these people believed that they broke the legislation with their participation in Trump’s coup plot.

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