Middle East Drama ‘Yellow Bus’ Takes Top Prize at Joburg Film Festival

Wendy Bednarz’s “Yellow Bus,” which follows a mother’s quest for justice after suffering an unthinkable tragedy, won the prize for…

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Food & Drink

How a Deaf Beekeeper Takes Care of Bees

Scent is another important mode of correspondence for the bees. They emit a pheromone with a banana-like aroma to signal…

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Election 2024 latest news: Biden and Trump visit US-Mexico border as immigration takes centre stage in election

President Biden, Trump to visit US-Mexico border Sign up for the daily Inside Washington email for exclusive US coverage and…

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Real Estate

Keller Williams takes a page out of Pitbull’s playbook for 2024

Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis took to the KW Family Reunion stage in Las Vegas Tuesday as Pitbull’s “I believe…

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Real Estate

Mark Willis Takes Aim At Anywhere In ‘State of the Company’ Remarks

In his first Family Reunion address since returning as CEO of Keller Williams last year, Mark Willis called on agents…

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Stephen Colbert Takes Down Fake Christian Trump

Stephen Colbert turned Trump speaking to a group of Christians into a sir story involving crosses and demons. Colbert said,…

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North West Takes Private Jet Home After Paris ‘Vultures’ Performance with Kanye

North West is living the good life … jetting back home in a private jet after performing her chart-topping collab…

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Cannabis stocks rise as Germany takes ‘big step’ to broad legalization in Europe

Curaleaf Holdings Inc. Executive Chairman Boris Jordan and other cannabis executives on Friday praised Germany’s removal of cannabis from a list…

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Running Longer Takes Mental and Physical Grit — and These Mind-Body Tips Can Help

Learning how to run longer can feel like gaining a superpower. Distances you used to only drive across suddenly become…

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Most Shared

Prime Video’s ‘Poacher’ takes a deep dive into the ivory trade in India

Prime Video’s Poacher opens with a somber, CGI view of an elephant: the endangered animal that is the beating heart…

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