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Strip Corn Off the Cob in Seconds With This Amazon Shopper-Loved Tool

It’s summer, which means it’s officially time for those lazy, hazy days of wandering around farmers markets and congregating around grills. While I love the long days and even longer nights, the best part of the season for me isn’t the endless sunshine or warm weather — it’s the corn. I’m just as likely to devour it raw in a salad as I am to eat it buttered and grilled or blended and baked. 

But while corn is the best part of summer, it’s also kind of the worst. My love of eating it straight off the cob is matched only by my hatred of getting the kernels stuck in my teeth. It adds unnecessary stress to backyard barbecues, which is no place for negativity. It seems this particular grievance is a common one because this $22 corn cob stripper has been climbing up Amazon’s kitchen & dining bestsellers list this week. 

Corn Cob Stripper with Bowl & Safety Handle 


Shoppers can’t get enough of how quickly this gadget removes the kernels from the cob, leaving them whole and intact in a bowl on the flip side of the blade. One customer still can’t believe how “it easily stripped the corn in a few seconds,” and another says it took only “10 minutes to do 60 ears.” 

This 4-in-1 gadget features a circular serrated blade with a hole in the center to cut the kernels away from the cob, a porous lid for grating ingredients like ginger, a bowl fitted with a silicone ring on the bottom to prevent movement, and a safety handle so your fingers never have to get close to the sharp edges. It works just as well with raw corn as it does with cooked corn, and is dishwasher-safe. It truly seems like this nifty tool can do no wrong.

Amazon customers agree that it’s worth the price and drawer space. One shopper writes, “The corn cob stripper was very sharp, quick, and easy to use. I was beyond amazed at how well it worked.” Although, it’s worthwhile to note that many reviewers report that it performs best with slender ears of corn versus wide ones.   

Take the stress out of the backyard barbecue, the corn kernels out of your teeth, and the hassle out of cooking by grabbing this corn cob stripper at Amazon for only $22 now. 

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At the time of publishing, the price was $22.

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