Stephen Colbert Points Out The Literal Fatal Flaw In Trump’s Immunity Argument

Stephen Colbert noted that Trump’s lawyers were arguing in court that Joe Biden could legally murder their client.

Colbert said:

 To recap: Trump’s lawyers are arguing that the president, who is currently Joe Biden, could order Seal Team Six to assassinate his political rival, Donald Trump. That is a weird position. That is a really weird position for your lawyer to take. “Your honor, there’s nothing in ny law book that would prevent you from taking that gavel right now and smashig my client’s skull like a Brazil nut, then scooping out his delicious brain meat. The law allows it, and I demand it. For the love of god, smash his skull.” Yum-yum. Yum yum.”

So, to re-recap, Trump and his lawyers are arguing that the president ought to be able to murder his political opponents and then cannot be prosecuted unless he gets impeached. Our commander-in-chief has godlike powers over life and death as long as his party controls the Senate. And I just wanna say, please vote.


Trump and his lawyers are making up this nonsense about unlimited immunity so that they can keep the case against the former president tied up until they hope after the 2024 presidential election. If Trump’s lawyers were serious about delaying the case, they should come up with an argument that is stronger than claiming that any president can do anything that they want because they are above the courts and can only be tried and convicted through the impeachment process.

Trump’s lawyers were saying that since Democrats control the Senate and won’t convict Biden, it is legal for Joe Biden to murder Donald Trump.

The argument is nonsense, and if the courts would ever rule in Trump’s favor, it would mean that Joe Biden could get away with murder.

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