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Stanley Just Released a 14-Ounce Tumbler Exclusive to Target

On Monday night, the Florida Panthers won the Stanley Cup for the first time, beating the Edmonton Oilers 2–1 in the seventh game of a dramatic series to take home hockey’s biggest prize. As exciting as that was, let’s be honest: The only Stanley Cups people are interested in are the ones that have lids, flexible straws, and promise to keep your drinks cold for half a day. 

Stanley collectors regularly go wild when there are new colors of the eternally viral 40-ounce Stanley Quencher, and they’ll go to great lengths when there are limited-edition collaborations. Earlier this year, some people even camped out so they could score one of the hot pink versions at Starbucks. But the latest Stanley-related product to send some parts of the internet into an absolute frenzy is the “toddler-sized” Stanleys that have recently dropped at Target. 

Stanley’s summer collection at Target includes smaller 14-ounce versions of the Stainless Steel H2.0 Flowstate Quencher Tumbler. The little Stanleys were listed on Target’s website as being “for the Kiddos” and the $20 tumbler is available in four colors: Bright Lime, Passion Pink, Tropical Teal, and Vivid Violet. (We should say they were available. The tumblers are currently sold out on but seem to be available in select stores. Several other colors of the 14-ounce Flowstate Quencher are also available on Stanley’s own website.) 

Although it seems like no one really needs any extra encouragement to add to their Stanley stable, the smaller tumblers got a massive boost from a TikTok posted earlier this month by a self-described stay-at-home mom named Kaitlen Tippett. In the clip, which has been viewed over two million times, she encounters the “toddler Stanleys” at a Target store. You’re coming home with me,” she says, reaching for one of the Passion Pink tumblers. (In the comments, she said she didn’t end up buying the tumbler because it didn’t have a handle — something toddler parents both noted and wished for.) 

In another popular Tiktok, user @raeeeeee26 said she was going to Target for one of the 14-ounce cups to fill with soda. “That 30-ounce [Stanley], I just can’t put soda in there,” she said. “So I want that 14-ounce for my Dr. Pepper.” Unfortunately after going to two Targets and an Academy Sports store, she still couldn’t find the smaller Stanleys. “I’m hot, sweaty, and mad,” she added. “Let’s go home.” 

If you’re able to find one of the smaller Stanleys at your local Target, it may be your lucky day. And don’t worry, Florida Panthers, your Stanley Cup is pretty great too.

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