Spotlight On: American Breast Cancer Foundation

Founded in 1997, the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) provides educational and financial support in an effort to make breast cancer screening more accessible for women and men who don’t have insurance, or whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of preventative screening.

It’s recommended that women who are at average risk of developing breast cancer begin getting mammograms at age 40, per the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

But it was reported that in 2018, just over 30 percent of women aged 40 and older had not undergone a mammogram within the previous two years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What’s more, a 2022 survey found that nearly 50 percent of women expressed worry over paying their medical bills, and were less likely to have gotten a mammogram than women who reported no financial concern.

While preventative screenings are covered by most health insurances today, almost eight million women in the United States continue to live without insurance.

Since 2008, ABCF has assisted over 45,000 individuals who were uninsured or underinsured nationwide — including people under 40 who are in need of early screening — in trying to access breast cancer screening and treatment services at reduced or no cost. They’ve also expanded their reach to help people who are unable to afford diagnostic testing, such as biopsies and ultrasounds.

Its Goal

ABCF’s mission is to improve access to preventative and diagnostic breast cancer care for people in underserved communities and those who are living without health insurance. They do this by partnering with local hospitals to provide free and reduced-cost testing.

The organization is also aimed at promoting awareness on the disease, and provides free breast cancer education on its website. Its hope is that through prevention, early detection, and awareness, more people will be able to survive a breast cancer diagnosis.

Its Services

ABCF has a variety of programs created to offer breast cancer support and education on the disease. Through its Breast Cancer Assistance Program, ABCF works with people to understand their needs and ensure they’re getting the breast cancer care that they deserve.

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