Smithsonian Under Fire For Collection Of Nazi Memorabilia

WASHINGTON—Facing backlash from the public as well as prominent donors, the Smithsonian Institution was reportedly under fire Monday for its collection of Nazi memorabilia. “I’ve made financial contributions to the Smithsonian for years, but after finding out about some of the hideous and horrifying pieces inside the National Museum of American History, I can no longer in good conscience continue supporting it,” said 74-year-old Nora Patrick, who questioned the motive behind the institution’s extensive collection of Nazi paraphernalia, which included everything from a German swastika flag to an Arado Ar 234 B-2 Blitz bomber. “They have hundreds and hundreds of these things. It’s disturbing and suspicious. At best, they’re naïve and callous, and at worst, they’re actual neo-Nazis who hoard all this stuff as part of their shrine to Hitler.” At press time, the Smithsonian was under even more scrutiny after it came to light that one of its museums had an entire exhibit dedicated to slavery.

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