Sleep apnoea symptoms in post-menopausal women linked to low oestrogen

by Msnbctv news staff

Lowered ranges of oestrogen and progesterone appear to be what makes post-menopausal ladies extra prone to have signs of sleep apnoea, together with loud night breathing, irregular respiration or gasping at night time

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22 June 2022

Girls can change into extra prone to snore as they grow old

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Submit-menopausal ladies who’ve decrease ranges of oestrogens and progesterone usually tend to snore, breathe irregularly and gasp whereas sleeping, that are all signs of sleep apnoea.

The involvement of those chemical compounds means focused hormone remedy would possibly show helpful for these ladies and their companions, says Kai Triebner on the College of Bergen in Norway.

“Girls reside, on common, longer than males, however throughout later years, the standard of girls’s life is relatively low, which is inherently related …

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