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Sabrina Carpenter brought milkshakes to ‘Hot Ones,’ but it still didn’t save her

Sabrina Carpenter has taken her turn in the Hot Ones hot seat, even bringing along a couple of milkshakes to help her and host Sean Evans through it. Though the drinks definitely helped, the challenge was still no walk in the park.

The pop singer took on Hot Ones‘ hot sauce gauntlet with cheerful determination from the start, happily chowing down on the first few wings as though simply enjoying a lunch. Unfortunately for Carpenter’s poor suffering tongue, the challenge got notably more challenging by the time they were midway through, eventually reaching a point where she was asking if anyone had ever sued Evans or projectile vomited.

“You just wanna scream,” Carpenter said after trying Da Bomb Beyond Insanity (a sauce which John Oliver previously called “an objectionable thing for humanity to do”). “I do remember one time when I ate something so hot that I just started clawing the ground.”

Despite this Carpenter plowed on, trying to convince herself that “it’s all mental.” That seems objectively untrue, but whatever you need to get yourself through it. Carpenter even managed to nail some Beatles trivia, explain her reasoning behind the arguably nonsensical lyrics in “Espresso,” and draw an artistic interpretation of her experience on the show. She was also rewarded at the end with some surprise ice cream.

“Could that have happened sooner, or no?” joked Carpenter.

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