Ricardo De La Cerda – May The 5th Be With You – 4 x TEQUILA COCKTAILS for Cinco de Mayo!

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I am Ricardo De La Cerda. I’ve acquired two bottles of tequila on the bar prepared for Cinco de Mayo. I am gonna be creating 4 Cinco de Mayo cocktails, two basic cocktails, and two slight variations that I believe are gonna work completely properly with these two tequilas. It is a frequent false impression that Cinco de Mayo is definitely Mexican Independence Day, which is inaccurate, that is on September the sixteenth.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French within the Battle of Puebla.

Earlier than I get began on the cocktails, we’re gonna leap in a do some little bit of a tasting because of our sponsors, Herradura and el Jimador. First I am going to begin with Herradura Plata, which is their Blanco tequila. This has been aged for 45 days on white American oak. It is acquired a very gentle, type of straw shade to it, and it is acquired a nostril of cooked agave.

That is an attractive tequila, and that is gonna work very well in a Tommy’s Margarita.

Then I’ve acquired the el Jimador Reposado. Reposado means rested, so this has been rested on American oak for two months. It is kinda acquired toasted wooden and vanilla notes to it. And also you undoubtedly get these, these toasted woody notes to the tequila whenever you’re tasting it straight.

The wooden actually softens that and makes it fairly a easy tequila.

Onto the cocktails. First Cinco de Mayo cocktail, the Tommy’s Margarita. A private favourite of mine. I am gonna begin by salting the sting of my glass. I am not a giant fan of salting the sting, nevertheless it’s utterly as much as you, and the way in which I love to do it’s to do a half salt rim, so you retain everybody pleased.

Good thick salt. After which I am gonna measure out 60 Herradura Blanco tequila. Add that straight into the cocktail shaker. It is a actually easy three-ingredient cocktail. Comply with that up with 30 mils, one ounce of freshly squeezed lime.

So it is roughly one complete lime. Clearly will depend on the scale. After which we now have 15 mils of agave syrup. Straight into the cocktail shaker, after which fill it up with ice and provides it a very good shake. Fill the glass with ice and pressure excessive.

And for garnish, the spent lime. There you’ve a Tommy’s Margarita. Be sure you stick round to the tip and I am going to do a tasting of all 4 cocktails.

Onto the mysterious Paloma, it has a bit little bit of a shrouded historical past. Nobody’s 100% certain the place this one got here from, and when it migrated over to the US, nevertheless it’s an extremely easy drink.

And it begins off, it is constructed within the glass. Begins off with 60 mils of Reposado tequila, in fact, if you happen to’ve solely acquired one bottle, if you happen to want a Blanco, you need to use that too. Then 15 mil roughly half a lime, squeeze into the glass. I am going to measure simply to ensure I am being good and correct. Then fill the glass with ice and high it off with grapefruit soda.

In Mexico, I imagine Squirt and Jarrito are the 2 common grapefruit sodas which can be used, I am utilizing Capi which is a Melbourne grapefruit soda. If you wish to as properly, you may squeeze contemporary grapefruit juice, and agave, then add a splash of soda into it as properly to make your individual selfmade grapefruit soda. And for that one, you may both garnish it with the spent lime and salt or together with your grapefruit. There you’ve a Paloma.

Onto an previous favourite of mine, the El Diablo with a slight twist.

Now the basic does name for a creme debut I am substituting that for hibiscus syrup. So this one once more is constructed within the glass and it requires 45 mils of Reposado tequila. So these are very easy fast drinks to make, good for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Now I am utilizing hibiscus syrup straight from the jar, if you wish to, you may get a hibiscus tea which is simply hibiscus flowers, and you can also make the syrup your self. 15 mil, add that straight in.

Good wealthy shade to it. Then high up the glass with ice, squeeze 15 mils of contemporary lime juice excessive after which high with spicy ginger beer.

4 x TEQUILA COCKTAILS for Cinco de Mayo!

Garnish with a hibiscus flower, and there you’ve a Hibiscus El Diablo. Final however not least, the Blackberry, Vanilla, and Jalapeno Smash. This one is gonna be a killer cocktail.

It really works very properly due to its vanilla notes. I do know at the beginning I mentioned that the Reposado had vanilla notes, however so does the Blanco, the Herradura. These vanilla notes are gonna marry very well.

I like the usage of blackberries with tequila. Blackberries with vanilla go very well, and jalapeno and tequila are only a good mixture.

So this one is gonna be scrumptious. So we’re gonna begin with 4 slices of jalapeno, however you need to use kind of relying on how a lot warmth you prefer to. Personally, I believe 4 slices is a cheerful medium-, and simply the correct amount of warmth. Earlier than you add the blackberries, this can be a more durable, more durable spice, so give it a little bit of a smash earlier than including the blackberries, 4 of those as properly, it is a softer fruit, so only a actual gentle press.

And whenever you shake the cocktail as properly, extra juice will extract from these berries.

Now we’re gonna measure 60 mils of your Herradura Blanco tequila after which observe that with 30 mils of contemporary grapefruit juice. 22.5 mil or 3/4 ounce of vanilla easy syrup, and 22.5 mil-, 3/4 ounce of contemporary lime juice. Fill it up with ice and provides it a shake.

I am gonna serve this over crushed ice, so three quarters the way in which to the highest, and pressure over that ice. You’ll be able to double pressure if you happen to like, I personally like all these blackberry chunks in there, there’s extra taste. Now high it up with a bit bit extra ice. And for garnish, the spent lime wheel, some chili flakes, which additionally type of identifies the drink as having chile in it so it does not shock anybody.

After which a blackberry completed with a straw.

There you’ve a Blackberry, Vanilla, and Jalapeno Smash. Cheers. There you’ve 4 tequila cocktails which can be good for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Because of immediately’s viewer sponsors, Herradura, and el Jimador. First up, Tommy’s Margarita is made with Herradura Plata.

One among my favourite variations of a margarita, it is acquired a variety of agave notes, that little little bit of sweetness from the agave, and none of that orange liqueur from a basic margarita. Makes it my favourite, makes it an ideal entry-level margarita for those that A, don’t love tequila, or don’t love bitter drinks. I completely love that. Subsequent up, the Paloma using el Jimador Reposado.

Grapefruit and tequila, are an ideal mixture, tremendous simple consuming, good and refreshing, and that is good for a scorching summer time’s day.

And the third cocktail, the Hibiscus El Diablo. Strive saying that after a few tequilas. So an El Diablo, tequila, hibiscus syrup, and ginger beer. It is really fairly candy since you’ve acquired that, perhaps give it a bit little bit of a stir, it is acquired that hibiscus syrup sitting on the underside.

I like that punch, the hibiscus syrup provides a sure vibrancy, as you may see by the look of the drink as properly, it is very tasty.

I really actually like all of those. After which the fourth cocktail, final however not least, the spicy Blackberry, Vanilla, and Jalapeno Smash. That is in all probability by far my favorite-looking drink of the 4. So once more, this one was made with the Herradura Plata.

I just like the tartness that comes from these blackberries, and the 4 jalapenos are simply the correct amount of warmth, I can really feel this tingle on my tongue, if you happen to do prefer it spicy, although, throw a few additional slices in. While you may not be capable of go away the home, you may nonetheless rejoice Cinco de Mayo in model with these 4 tequila cocktails. Be sure you combine up a cocktail at dwelling, tag me on right here, and I am going to see you quickly for an additional cocktail. Cheers.

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