Pros And Cons Of Inviting Benjamin Netanyahu To Address Congress

Following an invitation from congressional leaders in both parties, Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to address U.S. lawmakers in Washington on July 24. The Onion presents the pros and cons of the controversial Israeli prime minister speaking before a joint session of Congress.

  • PRO: He might have a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this, if we just hear him out.
  • CON: For the first time ever, Congress is polarized.
  • PRO: Might bring cute friend.
  • CON: It could make other war criminals jealous.
  • PRO: Always possible his plane crashes.
  • CON: There’s a slight chance it might lead to a headline or two about all the dead Palestinians.
  • PRO: Always fun to get the chance to boo.
  • CON: D.C. pretty humid this time of year.
  • PRO: Surely can’t be that hard to grab fucker and lock him in closet.
  • CON: World Central Kitchen won’t want to cater lunch for Congress that day. 

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