Poll Shows The Media Is Covering Biden And Trump All Wrong

The media has been telling the country for weeks that Biden’s age was the issue of the election, but voters said in the new NPR that they are more concerned about honesty and character than age.
NPR reported on two findings that explain how Biden leads Trump overall 50%-48%:

– The survey also found that by a 2-to-1 margin, 68% to 32%, people said it’s more concerning to have a president who doesn’t tell the truth than one who might be too old to serve.

– A majority said Biden has the character to be president (52%), while a majority also said Trump does not (56%).

Where the relentlessly negative media coverage of Biden has taken its toll shows up in 60% of voters surveyed thinking that Trump is going to win the election. Much of this is driven by the media constantly suggesting that if Biden remains in the race, Trump will win the election.

What the media is claiming matters most to voters, doesn’t matter as much as the honesty of the candidate and their character. Given this result, it seems like the press should spend less time on Biden’s age and more time pressing each of the candidates for honestly and holding Trump accountable for his lies.

The media is covering this election wrong. The press did the same thing in 2016 when they focused on Hillary Clinton’s emails instead of Trump’s scandals and the threat that he poses to democracy.

None of this means that Biden or Trump is certain to win. This election is close. What is clear though is what is most important to the media doesn’t matter nearly as much to voters.

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