OMG Donald Trump’s New Deputy Comms Director Is A Child Star – Tinka From Disney’s Shake It Up!

Weird choice for a guy currently being accused of being a pedo, but OK.

We just learned the extremely surreal fact that the recently recruited Deputy Communications Director of Donald Trump‘s 2024 campaign is none other than Tinka Hessenheffer. Fans of Shake It Up will know that name — she’s the villainous foreign (from an unnamed fictional country) rival of Bella Thorne and Zendaya‘s CeCe and Rocky on Disney‘s 2010 YA dance sitcom.

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Of course we’re actually talking about the actress who played Tinka, Caroline Sunshine. She went from Disney child star to White House intern under Trump in 2018. He promoted her to press assistant in less than two months — when she was just 22 years old. And now, years later, he’s hired her as his Deputy Comms Director. Wild stuff. Here she is in action on Fox News

For Caroline it’s an impressive jump, going from charity work as a teen TV star to politics… Though presumably with Trump she’s no longer allowed to work on charity since he’s forbidden by law.

She got famous at 14 years old on TV… And now she’s at Trump’s side. Crazy, right? Any fans of Shake It Up out there getting their minds blown by this??

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Disney/YouTube.]

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