No Charges for Honolulu Police Officers Who Fatally Shot South African Man

by Msnbctv news staff

The Rev. Al Sharpton had also condemned the shooting, calling it another example of the police wrongfully killing an unarmed Black man.

Mr. Alm said that two days before the shooting, Mr. Myeni had told his kickboxing instructor that he was going through “crazy African spiritual stuff.” And just before he was killed, he was behaving in a way that was “strange, even bizarre,” Mr. Alm said.

About 20 minutes before the shooting, Mr. Myeni approached several officers who were investigating a car break-in and the owner of the car, who told him to go away, Mr. Alm said. He asked one of the officers for money for food and asked to get into the back of a police car, Mr. Alm said.

Mr. Myeni then drove in his car to a nearby house and followed a husband and wife inside, Mr. Alm said. He told the woman: “I have videos of you; you know why I’m here,” according to Mr. Alm, who said Mr. Myeni did not know the couple.

According to Mr. Alm’s office, when the woman threatened to call 911, Mr. Myeni, who was wearing a feathered headband, said: “Tell them I’m from South Africa. I’m on a hunt. I’m on safari.” He then lowered his headband and said, “We’re hunting; there’s no time,” Mr. Alm said.

Mr. Myeni told the couple that he was not afraid of the police, and the woman called 911. The first officer to arrive found Mr. Myeni outside the home. He pointed his gun at Mr. Myeni and yelled: “Get on the ground! Get on the ground now!,” according to Mr. Alm.

Mr. Myeni, however, walked up to the officer and, without warning, punched him in the face and kicked him, Mr. Alm said. Another officer fired a Taser, but one of the probes missed Mr. Myeni, Mr. Alm said. A third officer tried unsuccessfully to grab Mr. Myeni and push him to the ground, Mr. Alm said.

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