Martin Luther School brings classical education back into the classroom

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Martin Luther School in Bismarck is making what’s old, new again, by adopting classical education as a way to teach students.

The curriculum is adapted to the way students learn, and also takes into account their age and level in school.

Staff say young students learn best through repetition, modeling and absorption, so classical education teaches that age group in that way.

“There is less, you know, ‘Here’s some information. Go see what you can do with that’ it’s more about giving them those tools that they need to be able to then go and explore and go on their own,” said Martin Luther School third grade teacher Anne-Marie Christensen.

Martin Luther has adopted classical education in history, math, Latin and music courses, and administrators say they are hoping to expand to more subjects in the fall.

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