Love Letter: Embracing Your Sensual Side at Any Age

by Msnbctv news staff

For some, perusing the aisles of a sex shop can be awkward, and that feeling may be exacerbated by the help of a store associate. Not for Diana de Vegh. In this week’s Modern Love essay, she writes about the attention she wished she were paid on a visit to a New York City sex store.

Why, she wondered, as an 83-year-old visually impaired woman, was it so hard for her to get some assistance while browsing for toys? Despite not being attended to like the other shoppers, Ms. de Vegh happily sashayed through each aisle (with a cane), filling her basket with intriguing items for solitary enjoyment. Her philosophy: There should be no age limit on a pleasurable life.

When Cheri D. Spigner and Tracey Syphax met online in April 2020, Ms. Spigner, who was new to Philadelphia and online dating, was serious about marriage. Although Mr. Syphax had been an experienced online dater for some time, he found himself instantly captivated by Ms. Spigner’s smile.

Because of pandemic restrictions, their courtship consisted of “Zoom calls, Zoom movies, Zoom candlelit dinners — we did everything Zoom,” Mr. Syphax said. After two months of virtual dating, they finally met in person. A year later, the couple were married on May 22 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

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For some singles, dating in a reopened world is both exciting and terrifying. If you’re feeling anxious about getting back on the dating scene, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips on how to make dating less anxiety-provoking.

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