Lo Bosworth Details Struggle With “Trauma” Caused by The Hills

by Msnbctv news staff

Lo went on to say she would be “totally happy and content if nobody on this Earth knew who I was,” given that she’s now passionate about projects including Love Wellness, the personal care brand she founded. As she explained, her experience as a member of UCLA’s Class of 2008, which overlapped with the peak of The Hills‘ popularity, played into her decision to leave Hollywood in the rearview. 

“All of this stuff, like still to this day, makes me feel a little uncomfortable,” Lo said. “Probably, it comes back to just being young, being on TV for the first time, being at college, kids making fun of you. I think that initial trauma has never really left. I would prefer to just be an anonymous person, but I opened Pandora’s box. I can never close it again.”

She added, “But in the way that the people who are doing The Hills are leaning in, I’m leaning in just a totally different direction.” 

This is hardly the first time the TV personality has made it clear she has no desire to film again with her former co-stars. On an episode of her Lady Lovin’ podcast in February 2018, Lo said she no longer wanted “any association with any of those people.” 

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