Lizzo Remix has Cats Doing a Little Dancey Dance on TikTok, Making It the Most Paw-dorable Dance Trend So Far

by Msnbctv news staff

TikTok is filled with dance developments. Simply folks making up lil choreography to some random tune and even some random sound bit. It is kinda bizarre, but when it offers you that little little bit of serotonin that you must get by means of the day, then dwell just a little! Nevertheless, now that development has been handed on to the kitties on the app and it is completely magical! Cute cat content material is what the Web is for.


Authentic Video

I need to not like this as a result of sure, it’s cheugy, perhaps even just a little MID, but additionally… IT’S A CAT DANCE. 


Floof Strikes

These kitties are so fluffy it is like watching two clouds with arms wiggle 



This. THIS! Is what the Web was meant for. 


Kitty’s Obtained the Strikes

Dancing lengthy boy coming by means of!


Put the Toe Beans Up!



Fuzzy Stomach Dance

Nothing however blue skies when this lil kitty exhibits off its fuzzy dancing lil stomach. 


Boop Their Nostril

Sorry kitty, you can’t escape the cat dance time. 


These Eyes

The groovier the kitty strikes, the larger the kitty’s eyes get. 


Lengthy Boi Mode

Cat goes into lengthy mode to flee for his life. However alas, cat dance time acquired him anyhow. 


The Finisher

This kitty seems so cute and clueless. These strikes on the finish tho actually say he is aware of how you can work a dance flooring. 


Sleepy Strikes

This kitty is so soothed by the dancing that he is virtually falling asleep whereas movin’ and grovin’.


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