Kevin McCarthy Confirms The Sex Trafficking Allegations Against Rep. Matt Gaetz

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he hopes the young women that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is alleged to have sex trafficked get the justice they deserve as he gave details about Gaetz and the motion to vacate.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy told CNN’s Manu Raju, “You know, he looks very unhinged. I mean, a lot of people have concerns about him and I’m not sure if he was on something, but I do hope he gets the help that he needs. But more importantly, I hope the young women get the justice they deserve when it comes to him.”

McCarthy wasn’t done, “People are in jail. The women have confirmed it. He came to me. If I still wanted to be speaker, I could have done something illegal and stopped the ethics committee investigation that started four years before; that’s what the whole motion to vacate was about. He be, he wanted me to engage and thought somehow I started this investigation. It started long before I was ever speaker. I, and as you know, as Congress, I don’t get involved in ethics, it’s an equal number. They could investigate me. It has to be its own arm and branch. And so he wanted to leverage me to try to do that. And if I didn’t, he wanted to do a motion to vacate.”

The Kevin McCarthy/Matt Gaetz issue is far from done. McCarthy has consistently said that Gaetz wanted him to get rid of the ethics investigation. Gaetz is worried about the Ethics Committee because they can not only get him expelled from the House, but their investigation could also lead to criminal charges.

Kevin McCarthy was a terrible Speaker of the House, but he would probably hate Gaetz until he drew his final breath because Gaetz cost him the speakership.

Even at the supposed GOP “unity convention,” chaos and disarray are always bubbling beneath the surface.


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