Keith Olbermann Calls For The Supreme Court To Be Dissolved After Gun Ruling

by Msnbctv news staff

Keith Olbermann prompt that states ignore the Supreme Courtroom’s hid carry ruling as a result of the court docket has no mechanism of enforcement.

Olbermann tweeted:

It’s potential that states might ignore the court docket’s ruling as a result of the Supreme Courtroom’s energy is inherent. It solely has energy as a result of we agree that its rulings are binding. The Supreme Courtroom has no approach to implement its rulings, and if New York determined to disregard the court docket and proceed to implement their hid carry legislation, there may be zilch that the six Republican justices can do about it.

Ignoring the court docket would delegitimize it in the identical manner that Donald Trump tried to delegitimize Congress by making an attempt to get Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election.

As soon as states ignore the Supreme Courtroom’s ruling, the US is now not a nation of legal guidelines.

Might states successfully dissolve the Supreme Courtroom by ignoring it?

The implications of such actions can be far-reaching and must be fastidiously thought-about as a result of the affect might be the destruction of the constitutional system of governance, however Supreme Courtroom reform must be on the desk.

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