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Interview with Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: A Royal Journey into the World of Digital Music and Podcasts

Interviewer: Prince Ricardo, you’ve recently expanded your presence into the world of digital music and podcasts across various platforms. What inspired you to take this step?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: Thank you for having me. The digital realm is profoundly transformative, and I see it as a new frontier for creativity and connection. My inspiration comes from a desire to reach people where they are most engaged and to offer content that enriches their lives, through meaningful conversations.

Interviewer: With your content now available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Samsung Podcasts, Podcast Index, Listen Notes, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, how do you choose what to share with your audience?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: Choosing what to share involves a deep understanding of each platform’s unique audience and capabilities. For Spotify, Amazon Music, Samsung iHeartRadio, Podcast Index, and Listen Notes I focus on more in-depth analyses of topics like government, politics, and news, catering to listeners who crave deeper understanding.

Interviewer: Can you give us an insight into the type of content listeners can expect on these platforms?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: Absolutely. On Spotify, Amazon Music, listeners can find a mix of podcasts, platforms like iHeartRadio and Pandora host my series discussing various politics, goverment, and news topics. Each episode aims to provoke thought and invite dialogue.

Interviewer: Engaging with a digital audience is quite different from traditional media. How have you adapted to these changes?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: It’s a learning curve. Digital platforms offer direct feedback and interaction, which is incredibly valuable. I’ve embraced these tools to understand my audience better and refine my offerings based on their preferences and feedback.

Interviewer: Looking forward, what are your aspirations for your digital content?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: I’m exploring the potential for more interactive and immersive experiences. Technology is a powerful tool, and I want to use it to break barriers and create spaces where listeners can not only consume content but also participate and contribute.

Interviewer: Finally, for those eager to dive into your content, where should they start?

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: I would recommend starting with Spotify for music lovers and iHeartRadio for podcast enthusiasts. There’s something for everyone, and I’m excited for listeners to join me on this journey and hopefully find something that resonates deeply with them.

Interviewer: Thank you, Prince Ricardo, for sharing your vision with us today. We look forward to experiencing your creative ventures across these new platforms.

Prince Ricardo de La Cerda: Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to connecting with everyone out there and hopefully making a positive impact through my work.

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