I Got The Butterfly Lob Haircut & Feel Like Me Again

I did have requirements, though. One of them was that Smith didn’t touch the length too much. Over the years, the short bob haircut has become my signature, though I’m keen to grow it a little so that I can whip it up into a claw clip with ease on lazy days. Another must was that the cut works with my natural, wavy hair texture. While I love my Shark FlexStyle Air Styler, $247.99, some days I want to wash my hair, scrunch in some JVN Hair Complete Air Dry Cream, $28, and let it air-dry naturally. That said, not much was off the cards: We discussed long layers, blunt ends, a chunky curtain fringe and even a new hair color (though I chose to stay put when Smith pointed out that my front bits are naturally quite sun-kissed). After a thorough wash at the basin, Smith combed my hair out and that’s when I realized how much it had grown since last summer. Though I wanted Smith to do his thing, we both settled on a length that sat just above my shoulders, also known as the long bob or more commonly, the “lob”.

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