Hunter Biden ‘Imploring’ His Father To Stay In The Race After Horrible Showing At Debate: Report

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Hunter Biden is reportedly one of the loudest voices trying to convince his father, President Biden, not to abandon his campaign despite an atrocious showing in the first presidential debate.

The New York Times indicates that despite a meeting many had viewed as a chance to reassess his ability to continue with his campaign, Biden’s family is pushing for him to keep fighting.

“One of the strongest voices imploring Mr. Biden to resist pressure to drop out was his son Hunter Biden, whom the president has long leaned on for advice,” the Times writes.

Yes, the President leans on Hunter Biden for advice.

They add that, “Hunter Biden wants Americans to see the version of his father that he knows — scrappy and in command of the facts — rather than the stumbling, aging president Americans saw on Thursday night.”

The Biden family has faced mounting criticism after the debate which saw the President often looking bewildered, slurring his words, misstating facts, and losing his train of thought with his “mouth agape.”

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Why Would Hunter Insist He Stay In The Race?

It’s safe to say that with Hunter Biden’s numerous legal troubles, he has a vested interest in the President staying in power. Hunter was recently convicted on three felony firearms charges and faces another criminal trial on tax charges.

His father has publicly insisted he would not pardon his son. But that could change as the last days of his term wane. Imagine that, though. Hunter Biden is a top adviser to the President right now.

The Times says insiders are throwing a wet blanket on any speculation that Biden would drop out of the race regardless.

“Internal conversations,” they write, involve “an ongoing debate over how the president moves forward — not about dropping out, but about how best to make the case that he should not.”

The newspaper describes his aides’ view of him as “energized, emphatic and willing to keep fighting until November.”

The debate showed he wasn’t energized enough to fight for 90 minutes, let alone until November and beyond another four years.

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Aides Upset Biden Was Made Up To ‘Look Pale’ At Debate

The White House has tried its best to offer excuses for why Biden looked so feeble and incompetent during the debate. About 45 minutes after the start of the contest against Trump, reports started circulating that the President had a cold.

Some outlets went with the old reliable story of the President having a stutter.

In the latest Times column, aides complain about the makeup used to get Biden ready for the debate. Yes, really.

“They were angry that Mr. Biden, who arrived for the debate in Atlanta with a summer tan, was made up to look pale and pallid,” the paper writes.

No amount of makeup was going to make Biden look presidential, let alone competent.

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