Here’s A Look At Real Couple Hilarie Burton And Jeffrey Dean Morgan In ‘Walking Dead’

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When it comes to a show about zombies overrunning the world, people violently ripping each other apart and pure, utter, demonstrable devastation … this is probably as cute as it gets!

On Wednesday, AMC shared a glimpse of real-life husband and wife Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton playing “Walking Dead” husband and wife Negan and Lucille. In a virtual table read, Morgan and Burton play out moments from the upcoming episode “Here’s Negan,” which shows Negan’s emotional backstory and how he lost his former love.

Sure, it’s “Walking Dead,” so the story is pretty depressing. (We’re 10 seasons in at this point. It’s like, we get it.) But the show can also have some heartwarming moments in it, and Burton couldn’t have been more excited when news broke late last year that she’d be playing Negan’s wife.

“Been pretty hard to keep this a secret,” she tweeted at the time, saying she loves working with her husband and loves their “Walking Dead” family.  

“Here’s Negan” will be included in the upcoming six extra episodes added to Season 10, which will get underway Feb. 28 on AMC.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton in "Friday Night In with the Morgans." 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton in “Friday Night In with the Morgans.” 

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