Hayley Kiyoko Chance And LGBTQ Pride Interview

The Four Percent

What’s your favorite lyric on “Chance”?

I love these lyrics because they’re very straightforward. Like, “I was a no, never maybe / I knew she’d never take a chance on me.” It’s just very, like, straightforward. I love “How did it go / we’ll never see” because, not that I have regrets, but I wish I would have believed in myself a little bit. Granted, I probably would have experienced heartbreak as well because sometimes it’s not reciprocated — but at least I would have tried!

What I’m trying to do with my music, fans, and listeners is to inspire them to try and go for it. To have those experiences of heartbreak and love without that self-judgment suffocating you.

If I were to listen to the first time you played through “Chance” vs. what we hear in the recorded version, what would be different?

It was entirely different. When I recorded the demo, it was an upbeat song — a full upbeat dance track. There was something about it that just wasn’t working. My executive producer on the album, Danja, came in and was like, “It needs to be a ballad.” I was like, “No, it does not! [Laughs] This is an upbeat song!”

We just slightly changed the chords and made it more melancholy and it allowed the song to lift and have more space to just be. That’s what’s so amazing about creating in general is that it starts one way and ends another way — like life, you think you want one thing, and then you go the other way. That’s what’s so fun about it.

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