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Gingery Tomato Bruschetta Recipe | Bon Appétit

Children of the ’90s: Rejoice, for bruschetta is due a revival. If you, too, grew up with parents piling carelessly cut tomatoes on any old piece of toasted bread and dropping it on the table with a flourish, this bruschetta is for you. But instead of the oft-abused balsamic vinegar of our youth (please, a moment of silence here for balsamic glaze), it’s finished with the explosive flavors of fresh ginger, nutty sesame oil, scallion, and a dash of soy sauce. Olive-oil-fried bread and fresh basil keep the familiar comfort of the classic in the background.

Not all of us may be blessed with access to truly ripe tomatoes, which is why this recipe uses cherry tomatoes, suspiciously good all year round. If you do happen upon excellent beefsteak or heirloom tomatoes, use those instead, substituting an equal amount by weight. Core, halve, seed, and cut into ½” pieces to use.

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