Frustrated Studio Execs Unsure How To Convince Public That Lego Pharrell Williams Movie Actually Happening

LOS ANGELES—Admitting that they recently hit a wall while marketing the upcoming film, frustrated studio executives from Focus Features told reporters Monday they were unsure how to convince the public that its upcoming Lego Pharrell Williams movie was actually happening. “We’ll be honest, we’ve tried every marketing strategy in the book, but not a single person on earth believes that this Pharrell Williams Lego movie, titled Piece By Piece, really exists,” said Focus Features executive Katherine Greiner, adding that everything about the project, which features a Lego version of Williams narrating his life to another Lego through Lego animation, raised countless red flags among potential audiences. “Look, we’ll be the first to admit that saying the words ‘Pharrell Williams Lego movie’ out loud sounds outlandish at best. But this movie is real; it will really be out in theaters on Oct. 11, 2024; and you can really go buy a ticket for it. Please, please, believe us. It cost millions and millions of dollars to make.” At press time, studio executives let out a sigh and threw their hands up in frustration after they realized that not even the film’s narrator, protagonist, and star Pharrell Williams believed the movie was actually happening.

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