Colby Covington Confirms Donald Trump as Ringside Guest for Fight Against Leon Edwards

In Conversation with James Lynch, Colby Covington Affirms Donald Trump’s Presence for Epic Leon Edwards Showdown

We’re geared up and excited for the upcoming UFC 296 pay-per-view, featuring Colby Covington’s welterweight title challenge against current champion Leon Edwards, announced by Dana White. Meanwhile, now ia recent interview, Covington revealed that Donald Trump has given him a personal assurance of being ringside for his showdown against Edwards on December 16th. So let’s dive in to find details about it.

Colby Covington Confirms Donald Trump Attendance for Leon Edwards Showdown

Following his defeat to Kamaru Usman, whom he had previously beaten to claim the championship at UFC 286 in March, “Rocky” has been inactive in the fighting scene. Simultaneously, Dana White disclosed that Colby Covington, initially the backup fighter for UFC 286, is now confirmed to contend against Edwards for the welterweight championship in a December event slated for Las Vegas. Meanwhile, it has been disclosed that the former US President, Donald Trump, will be in attendance for this noteworthy event.

In conversation with James Lynch talking about taking on Edwards, Covington shared that Trump will attend the UFC 296. As per him, “I can’t wait for December 16th live in the T Mobile arena. I’m taking back the world title. Donald Trump will be in attendance and I’m gonna put that belt around Trump’s waist and we’ll go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He is taking back the white house. It’s a big year coming ahead. We’re gonna make America great again, we’ll make the welterweight great again.

When questioned if he talked with Trump, he responded by saying, “Yeah! I have talked to him. He’ll be there in the front row in attendance. I can’t wait to have him there everytime I see him I just wanna go run and feel like nothing can stop me and I feel invincible.” (11:50 Onwards)

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Covington, a staunch Trump supporter, has been seen with the former US President in the past, notably at Trump’s office, donning the iconic Make America Great Again cap. On the flip side, Trump, an avid combat sports enthusiast, frequently graces these events with his presence. 

Given his close association with Dana White, whenever a significant event takes place, Trump has been in attendance. And now he will once again attend the event where as promised by Covington if he wins we’ll see the welterweight belt around Trump’s waist.

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