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Claire Foy is opening up about leaving the hit Netflix series The Crown.

The 39-year-old actress portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of the show, and has returned for brief appearances as a younger Queen in seasons four and five.

Now, the actress is dishing on how she felt leaving the show and moving on from it.

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“I’ve got a lot of love for the people who are still doing the show, but for my own sanity, I ended the show when I ended it,” she told People. “I let it go and moved on and I think that’s quite healthy.”

Previously, Claire told the site that she wasn’t afraid of leaving the show behind.

“I don’t feel like I’m defined by playing Queen Elizabeth,” she said. “It’s a huge honor that people liked that character and therefore see me as that character. So, I’m not trying to actively go against that.”

Olivia Colman picked up the role of Queen Elizabeth in seasons three and four, while Imelda Staunton has portrayed her for seasons five and six.

Find out what Claire said after wrapping filming on season two.

In 2018, it was revealed that there was a pay disparity between her and co-star Matt Smith. It was then announced that the Netflix show was going to adjust the compensation rates, and the producers also apologized to the actors.

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