City Campaign Roundup: LGBTQ+ initiatives, education plan, HB 544 opposition

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It’s June 6, 2021. Here’s what’s been going on lately on the campaign trail for the 2021 Manchester municipal election.

Joyce Craig announces new LGBTQ+ Initiatives

This week, Incumbent Mayor Joyce Craig announced new LGBTQ-friendly initiatives in the City of Manchester, in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Every year, HRC releases a Municipal Equality Index (MEI), outlining LBGTQ-friendly policies in a community.

Currently, Manchester falls in the middle of all rated New Hampshire cities.

“I’m proud to announce these changes during Pride Month. It is important for everyone to feel safe and welcomed in our city, especially our LGBTQ+ residents and visitors. These changes will make a big difference and are a great step toward helping Manchester become as LGBTQ+-friendly as possible,” said Craig.

Victoria Sullivan expands educational plan

After her opposition to the proposed combined high school, this week she released additional details on her educational plan, one of the seven key policy points in her campaign.

During her time in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Sullivan was known for her efforts championing play-based instruction for kindergarten students

More information on her education plan can be found here.

Girard voices opposition to HB 544 vote

Earlier this week, Rich Girard expressed his anger at the Manchester Board of School Committee for their approval of a resolution that opposed the passage of HB 544. Better known as the “divisive concepts bill,” HB 544 would prohibit discussion of certain racial concepts by public employees.

“Everybody who voted to oppose HB 544 now has an obligation to explain how teaching people what this bill bans advances the cause of a just society.  Trying to overcome racism and sexism by teaching that some are and will always be racist and sexist because of their own biology is like hiring an arsonist to be your fire chief.  It won’t end well.”

A copy of the BOSC comments on the bill can be found below.

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