Can You Eat Raw Mushrooms? Store Bought vs. Foraged, Best Cooking Methods, and More

Mushrooms are packed with protein, fiber, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that make it easy to see why they’re a popular salad ingredient and pizza topping. “Mushrooms are having more than a moment these days — it’s a ‘shroom boom’ cultural phenomenon, as they continue to top most every superfood and culinary trends list,” says Pam Smith, RDN, the president and founder of Shaping America’s Plate in Orlando, Florida.

That said, how you choose and prepare mushrooms matters for your health.

Here’s what to keep in mind so you can reap the perks of flavorful fungi.

Raw vs. Cooked Mushrooms: Which Is Better?

While some mushrooms are fine to eat raw, cooking them can prevent gastrointestinal issues caused by many varieties of mushrooms, and kill bacteria that can lead to dangerous infections.

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