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Broker Tal Alexander Is Accused of Rape in New Lawsuit

Tal Alexander, accused of rape in a new lawsuit, and his brother Oren Alexander, who has been accused of sexual assault by two women along with his twin brother, Alon.
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Tal Alexander, along with brothers Oren and Alon, has been accused of rape and sexual assault in a new lawsuit filed on Tuesday. The suit, which comes on the heels of two sexual-assault suits filed against twins Oren and Alon Alexander, is the first to name Tal, the oldest of the brothers and a co-founder of Official, the ultra-high-end brokerage that Oren was ousted from last week.

In the lawsuit, filed today in New York State Supreme Court, Alon and Tal Alexander are accused of rape and sexual assault in an incident in the fall of 2012. The assault was “planned and facilitated by Oren Alexander along with his brothers,” the suit claims. The woman who filed the suit claims that Oren invited her and a friend to visit his apartment at 543 Broadway, which he shared with his two brothers. When they arrived, per the suit, Alon and Oren offered them ecstasy, which they declined. The women were then offered drinks, which they accepted. The suit continues that the friend “became extremely uncomfortable and afraid” after Alon allegedly hit on and groped her, and she left the apartment. The suit then claims that after the friend left, the victim “was raped by Alon and Tal Alexander, together, in a coordinated sexual assault that was planned and facilitated by Oren Alexander along with his brothers.” The suit also alleges that “Tal attempted to penetrate Ms. Parker with his fingers, again against her will, and have vaginal sex with her.” The victim then fled.

The woman continued to run in the same social circles as the brothers and says they made defamatory statements about and harassed her, according to the lawsuit. “Years later, Tal barged in on” the woman “while she was alone in the guest room of a house where they were both at and attempted to sexually assault her again.” After she screamed, alerting others, the suit alleges, Tal called her the “‘king’s rat,’ because she got him thrown out of the home that night.”

The lawsuit also says that after the two lawsuits were filed last week, 30 additional women have contacted attorneys to report similar stories of group rape, going as far back as 2004, when the twins were in high school. The three recent lawsuits were filed in civil court just before the expiration of the Adult Survivors Act, an extension on the statue of limitations on civil sexual-assault cases in New York.

Oren and Alon Alexander have denied the rape allegations, with their former lawyer painting the accusations as “a shakedown.” The brothers’ new lawyer, Isabelle Kirshner of Clayman Rosenberg Kirshner & Linder of Manhattan, wrote in a statement that the Oren and Alon deny the allegations, “as they are pure fiction,” and that “we look forward to presenting the facts in court.” A representative for Tal told the Post that “it is unfortunate but fully expected that shakedown artists are going to line up given the allegations against Tal’s brothers.” The New York Times reported that Tal addressed the allegations against his brothers in a letter sent to colleagues on Sunday — before the latest suit naming him was filed: “I find the actions described in these news stories to be reprehensible, and I would never act or behave in such a manner. Any allegations to the contrary are simply untrue,” he said in the email. It also said, “I have little doubt that given my close relationship with my brothers, at some juncture, a lawyer or many lawyers will soon try to lump me in with the allegations against Alon and Oren.”

Official has not responded to the allegations against Tal Alexander, whom it said last week, “would continue to operate the businesses with Tal overseeing all matters pertaining to The Alexander Team,” and he remains listed as an agent and founder on the company’s website. Oren has been removed.

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