Amy Schumer Reacts After Husband Jokes He’s Leaving Her

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For Schumer’s 40th birthday, he pulled a huge prank on the comedian, getting her a birthday cake with the message, “I’m leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it,” written on top.

The whole thing was captured in an Instagram video that Schumer shared. She captioned it, “My #40,” with the birthday cake emoji.

In the clip, Schumer was surrounded by her family and friends and son, Gene, when Fischer presented her with the cake.

Once she leaned over to read it, Schumer was speechless. LOL.

“I mean, it’s ironic because this proves he’s the best,” Schumer’s friend Erika Christensen commented on the post.

And her pal Debra Messing wrote, “You are perfect for one another. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!”

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

It seems like Schumer could definitely take a joke because she posted it on Instagram for all her fans to see.

But if it was me, I would have definitely had some words for my husband LOL. Happy 40th Birthday, Schumer!

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