Amelia Hamlin Got Botox In Her ARMPITS… Because Deodorant Is Too Full Of ‘Toxins’??

Well, this is an inneresting take!

Amelia Hamlin announced on Instagram she made the decision to combat her sweat and B.O. by getting Botox in her ARMPITS! Apparently folks have started to get the injectable filler in your armpits or other particular problem areas to cut down on the sweat. It’s especially effective for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis — which causes excessive sweating even without heat or exercise.

But it ain’t cheap — it’s still Botox after all!

According to the Metropolitan Skin Clinic, the model likely forked over a thousand bucks PER ARM — if she chose the cheapest option — to get the “life changing” procedure done. On top of that, the Cleveland Clinic boasts the injectable “decreases underarm moisture by 82% to 87%. Dryness typically lasts between three to 12 months”. So just like any filler, it’s not a one time thing! And it’s not going to take care of all your sweatiness — just most of it.

In a post Amelia made to her Stories on Thursday, she wrote about her choice to go through with the Botox injections:

“When in LA… we get Botox in the pits… Healthier alternative to deodorant… can’t clog our gland with toxins…”

Is it really healthier than deodorant, though…?

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There’s been a super long debate between health specialists if deodorant actually causes issues. While there’s no current proof that it’s a precursor to any problems, some studies theorize the aluminum and parabens in antiperspirants could possibly cause health risks with long-term use, like putting users at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s.

Then again, we can’t imagine getting Botox injected into your body is any less risky than putting some deodorant ON TOP of the skin! And one of these options is WAAAY cheaper! Not everyone is able to go around paying out thousands of bucks to get this done.

We mean, there are aluminum-free options if you’re really worried about it. And Botox itself IS a toxin! It’s right there in the name! Botox stands for botulinum toxin! According to the Mayo Clinic “Botox injections are shots that use a toxin to prevent a muscle from moving for a limited time” and is “made from the same toxin that causes a type of food poisoning called botulism”.

So, yeah. Botox and deodorant are both FDA approved so it’s just up to you if you! Whatever works best for your body and your wallet is all your decision, in the end. But unless you have an underlying condition, it’s not likely one is any “healthier” than the other, according to med pros.

Would U ever consider dropping deodorant to get Botox injections, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via Amelia Hamlin/Instagram]

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