Amber Heard DISAPPEARED From New Aquaman 2 Trailer After Rumors Jason Momoa Tried To Get Her Fired!

So yeah, you know that story about Jason Momoa and Amber Heard falling out and him trying to get her fired from Aquaman 2Warner Bros doesn’t seem to be very interested in quashing those rumors…

The new trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom dropped, maybe even the final trailer as the movie — believe it or not — comes out next month. The thing is, Amber? Nowhere to be seen!

Yeah, it seems with each subsequent trailer, we’ve gotten less and less of Mera, Arthur Curry’s love interest from the first movie. It’s especially odd since the trailer is so much about family, with Nicole Kidman and Patrick Wilson, Momoa’s movie mom and brother, being featured so prominently. There is a baby that seems to be Arthur’s son, though, and it’s leading fans to suspect they’re basically going to kill off Amber Heard’s character in childbirth. Like a parent from a Disney movie! Ouch!

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We’d heard whispers the studio was trying to ditch Amber amid the whole Johnny Depp trial fiasco, in which evidence came out in which she admitted to abusing him, rather than the other way around. Suddenly she was as toxic an asset to WB as Johnny was. And he got recast in those Fantastic Beasts movies.

Even if she is in the movie — whether it’s because Warners was scared of Elon Musk‘s alleged threats or not — it really seems like they’d rather not advertise the fact!

Ch-ch-check out the Amberless trailer (below)!


[Image via Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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