Adele Confirms She is Taking a Break, Has No Plans For a Fifth Album

Following her Las Vegas residency, Adele is ready for a break.

Ahead of her multi-day stint in Munich, the “Easy On Me” singer was interviewed by German broadcaster ZDF. When asked if she had plans to make a new album soon to follow up her 2021 record, 30, Adele shared that her “tank is quite empty” after her lengthy run of performances—an emotional experience that, while profound, has depleted her energy.

“I don’t have any plans for new music at all,” she confirmed. “I want a big break after all this and I think I want to do other creative things just for a little while.” Adele then remarked, “You know, I don’t even sing at home at all. How strange is that?”

Adele had previously warned fans there would be a long wait for her fifth album. As reported by Consequence, Adele told the audience during a “Weekends with Adele” Las Vegas performance in January that she didn’t think she would “write an album for quite some time.”

While Adele didn’t reveal what other “creative things” she’d like to do, Forbes reported in 2023 that she was approved for a trademark in the U.K. for an upcoming company called The Shelbourne Collective Limited. According to the copy of the filing, it was registered under the 74100 label, which is for “specialized design activities.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Adele got candid about her experience with fame, admitting that she misses her anonymous life before becoming famous. “I don’t like being famous. I love making music and that people are receptive to it and like it…but the fame side of it, I absolutely hate and I miss everything about who I was [before becoming a celebrity],” she said.

The Grammy-winning artist’s demand is so big that Munich crafted a pop-up stadium for her 10-performance residency, which takes place throughout August. Adele had previously announced the news on Instagram in late Jan., sharing her reaction to the offer to play these special concerts.

“I was too curious to not follow up and indulge in this idea — a one off, bespoke pop-up stadium designed around whatever show I want to put on? Ohh!? Pretty much slap bang in the middle of Europe? In Munich? That’s a bit random, but still fabulous!,” she wrote at the time.

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