8 Foods High in Vitamin A

When considering which foods have vitamin A, keep in mind that you can get vitamin A from your diet in two forms: preformed vitamin A (found in animal sources like dairy products) and provitamin A carotenoids such as beta-carotene (plant pigments that the body turns into vitamin A).

Here are some of those top sources.

1. Liver

Liver is one of the top sources of vitamin A. Three ounces of pan-fried beef liver offers 6,582 mcg RAE of vitamin A per serving, which is 731 percent of the DV.

“Liver has a super high amount of vitamin A, in addition to a wealth of other nutrients like iron and protein,” says Thomas Pontinen, MD, a physician and the cofounder at Midwest Anesthesia and Pain Specialists in Illinois, who treats patients with neuropathies that may be caused by vitamin deficiencies.

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