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8 Best Under $40 Kitchen Finds From Target’s Summer 2024 Collection

The happiest place on Earth isn’t Disneyland, it’s Target. At least, that’s the case for me. Over the years, the white floors and red aisles have combined to elicit a sort of Pavlovian effect on my serotonin levels. It’s a happy thought, knowing that I can get almost anything I need in one convenient location, and come summer, what I need most are hosting essentials for effortless entertaining. 

Luckily, Target just dropped its newest batch of summer-ready kitchen products, and these are the eight I can’t wait to buy.     

Best Editor-Loved New Arrivals at Target 

Threshold Set of 2 Serving Utensils 


With unique grain patterns and rounded oversized heads, these gorgeous wooden utensils are the perfect complement to any salad. Plus, they’re smaller than their long-handled brethren, allowing for better control and easier storage. Grab, toss, and serve with style.

Sun Squad Food Dome 


While I love eating dinner outside, I despise the struggle of keeping my food protected from the elements. That’s where this lightweight dome comes in. Designed to fit over standard-sized plates and made of sturdy iron woven together in a netted pattern, it’s the sleek answer to bug-free bliss I’ve been seeking.      

Sun Squad Reusable Straws with Toppers


As someone who can’t fathom sipping a drink without a straw dangling over the side of my glass, this four-pack immediately caught my eye. What I love most about these are their different colors and toppers to minimize cup confusion when multiple people come over.  

Sun Squad Lemon Serving Bowl


This lemon-shaped serving bowl with its side dish for dips or sauces is an adorable addition to any summer soirée. Made out of dishwasher-safe and highly durable bamboo, its thoughtful design transitions smoothly from indoor dining to outdoor barbecue, and since it holds 43 ounces, it’s a great size for large parties. 

Pride Ombre Drinkware


Summer is the time for bright colors and happiness, both of which these glasses deliver in spades. The pack comes with four stackable 14-ounce cups, each with its own unique rainbow ombre pattern. They’re practically guaranteed to bring the sunshine every time you use them.  

Sun Squad Grill Serving Tray 


Target’s Sun Squad strikes again with this two-part serving dish that combines practicality with style. Use the bottom compartment to marinate your meats or store your uncooked veggies, and the removable lid as the serving tray. You’ll make fewer trips from your kitchen to your grill with this in hand.   

Pyrex Tinted Mixing Bowl Set


I’m a huge fan of nested mixing bowls because of their versatility and utility, and these have officially leveled-up the entire product category. With a fluted design and tinted in shades of light yellow, green, and blue, I’ve finally found mixing bowls that work equally as well in the kitchen as they do on the dining room table. 

Le’raze Glass Pitcher with Lid


A pitcher is a necessity come summer when many of us are spending the majority of our time outside in a near-constant state of dehydration. I love this dishwasher-safe option both for its airtight lid to minimize spillage and for its size, which is large enough at 68 ounces to keep four glasses full for an entire meal.

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